Best CNG Cars in India (2024): The Ultimate Guide

India’s automotive landscape is evolving rapidly, with an increasing number of consumers seeking cost-effective and environmentally friendly transportation options. CNG cars, known for their efficiency and low emissions, have become a popular choice for Indian drivers. In this blog post, we will explore the best CNG cars in India for 2024, focusing on the top models, upcoming releases, and key factors to consider when choosing a CNG vehicle.

Why Choose a CNG Car?

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) offers several benefits over traditional fuels like petrol and diesel:

  1. Cost Savings: CNG is more affordable than petrol or diesel, resulting in significant savings on fuel expenses.
  2. Lower Emissions: CNG vehicles emit fewer pollutants, making them environmentally friendly.
  3. Smooth Performance: Modern CNG cars offer smooth performance and reduced engine wear.

Top CNG Cars in India for 2024

1. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga CNG: The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga CNG offers a spacious interior, excellent fuel efficiency, and reliable performance. With its smart hybrid technology, the Ertiga CNG is a versatile family car.

  • Engine: 1.5L Petrol/CNG
  • Mileage: 26.2 km/kg
  • Price: ₹10.7 lakh – ₹12.6 lakh

User Feedback:

  • Pros: Spacious cabin, excellent fuel efficiency, smooth ride.
  • Cons: Limited boot space, slightly underpowered with full passenger load.

Overall User Opinion:

The Ertiga CNG is praised for its spaciousness and efficiency, making it a great family car despite some complaints about power when fully loaded.

2. Hyundai Aura CNG: The Hyundai Aura CNG combines style, performance, and efficiency. With its feature-rich interior and advanced safety features, it’s a great choice for city and highway driving.

  • Engine: 1.2L Petrol/CNG
  • Mileage: 28 km/kg
  • Price: ₹8.1 lakh – ₹9.2 lakh

User Feedback:

  • Pros: Stylish design, comfortable seats, great mileage.
  • Cons: Limited boot space, slightly higher maintenance costs.

Overall User Opinion:

The Aura CNG is favored for its stylish looks and fuel efficiency, though users note that the boot space is compromised due to the CNG tank.

3. Tata Tiago CNG: The Tata Tiago CNG offers a sporty design and impressive fuel economy. It’s an excellent option for urban commuters looking for a budget-friendly CNG car.

  • Engine: 1.2L Petrol/CNG
  • Mileage: 26.5 km/kg
  • Price: ₹7.5 lakh – ₹8.4 lakh

User Feedback:

  • Pros: Affordable, sporty design, good fuel economy.
  • Cons: Slightly stiff suspension, average performance.

Overall User Opinion:

The Tiago CNG is appreciated for its affordability and sporty design, although some users find the suspension a bit too stiff for comfort.

4. Toyota Glanza CNG: The Toyota Glanza CNG, a collaboration with Suzuki, offers a premium hatchback experience with a smooth CNG powertrain and Toyota’s reliability.

  • Engine: 1.2L Petrol/CNG
  • Mileage: 25.5 km/kg
  • Price: ₹8.7 lakh – ₹9.5 lakh

User Feedback:

  • Pros: Smooth engine, spacious interior, Toyota’s reliability.
  • Cons: Limited features compared to competitors, slightly high price.

Overall User Opinion:

The Glanza CNG is commended for its smooth engine and spacious interior, though users feel it lacks some features compared to competitors in the same price range.

5. Maruti Suzuki Celerio CNG: The Maruti Suzuki Celerio CNG is a compact and fuel-efficient hatchback, perfect for city driving. It’s one of the most affordable CNG cars in India.

  • Engine: 1.0L Petrol/CNG
  • Mileage: 30.5 km/kg
  • Price: ₹6.8 lakh – ₹7.6 lakh

User Feedback:

  • Pros: Affordable, excellent mileage, compact design.
  • Cons: Basic interior, limited features.

Overall User Opinion:

The Celerio CNG is praised for its affordability and excellent mileage, but users note that its interior is basic and lacks features.

Upcoming CNG Cars in India 2024

Kia Sonet CNG: The Kia Sonet CNG is an upcoming compact SUV that’s set to offer the perfect blend of style and efficiency.

  • Expected Mileage: 24 km/kg
  • Expected Price: ₹9.5 lakh – ₹11 lakh
  • Expected Engine: 1.0L Petrol/CNG

User Feedback:

  • Users are eagerly anticipating the Sonet CNG, looking forward to its stylish design and efficiency.

Tata Altroz CNG: The Tata Altroz CNG is an eagerly anticipated hatchback that promises Tata’s signature design and performance, now with CNG efficiency.

  • Expected Engine: 1.2L Petrol/CNG
  • Expected Mileage: 26 km/kg
  • Expected Price: ₹7.5 lakh – ₹9 lakh

User Feedback:

  • The Altroz CNG is highly anticipated for its sporty design and CNG efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a CNG Car

  1. Fuel Economy: Look for CNG cars with high mileage for better fuel savings.
  2. Performance: Check the car’s power output and handling, especially if you drive long distances.
  3. Space: Consider your passenger and cargo needs, especially for family vehicles.
  4. Features: Look for modern features like infotainment systems, safety features, and convenience options.


Choosing the best CNG car in India involves balancing efficiency, performance, and budget. With options like the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga CNG and upcoming models like the Kia Sonet CNG, there’s a CNG vehicle for every driver. By considering factors like fuel economy, performance, and features, you can find the perfect CNG car for your needs.

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